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General information General information
Additional Driver Information Additional Driver Information
Age Requirements Age Requirements
Drivers License and ID Requirements Drivers License and ID Requirements
Method of Payment Method of Payment
Collecting and Returning Your Vehicle Collecting and Returning Your Vehicle
After Hours Information After Hours Information
Cancellations and No Show Charges Cancellations and No Show Charges
Taking Your Vehicle Outside the Country Taking Your Vehicle Outside the Country
Delivery and Collection Delivery and Collection
One Way Rentals One Way Rentals
Waiver and Protection Options Waiver and Protection Options
Special Equipment Special Equipment
Fuel charges Fuel charges
Fines Fines
Accident Administration Fee Accident Administration Fee
Location Surcharge and Tourism Levy Location Surcharge and Tourism Levy
Overdue Rental Administration Fee Overdue Rental Administration Fee
International Visitors International Visitors
Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
Additional Authorisation holds Additional Authorisation holds
Gauteng E-Toll charges Gauteng E-Toll charges
Miscellaneous Information Miscellaneous Information
Avis Luxury Cars (Prestige) Avis Luxury Cars (Prestige)

If you have selected to book an Avis Prestige vehicle please view the terms and conditions and additional charges specific to this product below.

General information

ZAR = South African Rands

15% VAT applicable.

All additional charges quoted include VAT unless otherwise stated

Additional Driver Information

Additional driver charge ZAR532.00 per person, per rental.

Additional driver weekend restrictions:
Inbound: One additional driver permitted which must be a direct family member. Renters must present a flight/boarding pass/e-ticket printout (within one week of rental check out). Applicable at all locations.
Local, weekend, commercial: one additional driver permitted which must be a direct family member. Only applicable at airport locations and Sandton Gautrain, not permitted at off-airport locations.

Flight/boarding pass/e-ticket must be produced (flight must be on the same day as the rental check out). Name on the boarding pass must be the same as the renter.
All other local credit card or prepayment rentals: no additional drivers permitted over weekends.

Age Requirements

Minimum Age 18 years. Licence must be valid for a minimum of 1 year . It is a legal requirement in RSA to be in possession of your driver's licence at all times whilst driving a vehicle.
A Young Driver surcharge of ZAR155.00 per day will apply to drivers under the age of 25 years.
There is no maximum age, however, super PAI is not available to persons over the age of 75 years..

Drivers License and ID Requirements

Renters and additional drivers must be in a possession of a valid unendorsed driver's licence in country of residence and an Avis accepted method of payment. Licence must be valid for a minimum of 1 year. To avoid possible complications when collecting a vehicle, foreign travellers need to present the following at time of rental:
• valid passport,
• valid driver's licence issued in the same country as their passport,
• licence is in English,
• licence has a signature,
• licence has a photo or ID/Passport number on it.

In the event that, the photo is not present, an ID document or passport with a photo is required for identification. If the licence is in another language, an international driver's licence should accompany the foreign driver's licence. A translated version of the licence stamped by the embassy can be accepted when accompanied by the licence. No driving permits or certified copies of the original driver's licence will be accepted. Rule of the road: left. There is no maximum age, however, super PAI is not available to persons over the age of 75 years.

Method of Payment

Accepted Avis honoured credit/cheque/charge cards, American Express, Diners, Visa and Master Cards, Actos, fixed value and full credit vouchers. WEB/GEB rentals are accepted. Please note that debit cards from any bank are not accepted

The credit or cheque card being presented must be in the name of the renter. The words credit/cheque card must be reflected at the front or back of the card. The estimated authorisation amount will be held on the card for the duration of the rental and charged on termination. All South African local and regional country renters renting car groups F, G, H, I, J, K, L, N and O must present two payment cards when collecting the vehicle. One of the two cards used must be a credit card. If two payment cards cannot be presented the rental cannot take place.
President club card holders are exempt from this rule.

Collecting and Returning Your Vehicle

Should the rental vehicle not be returned by the agreed date and no prior arrangements have been made to extend the rental the vehicle will be collected by Avis.

After Hours Information

Available on request at all locations. A request reservation needs to be made with the expected date and time of arrival in the remarks field e.g REQ MLA 08DEC21/0340. This service is free of charge.

Cancellations and No Show Charges

If you do not cancel your booking before the reservation date and time shown on your booking and fail to pick up your vehicle within 24 hours from that time, a non- cancellation fee will apply. For South African rentals a fee of ZAR 550.00 will apply for all no show rentals. For rentals occurring outside of South Africa the fee will be 60.00, €65, 76 CHF or the equivalent amount in the local currency. This will be inclusive of VAT where applicable.

Taking Your Vehicle Outside the Country

] Under no circumstances are cross border rentals permitted from South Africa into Malawi, Angola, and Zambia. Cross border rentals from South Africa into Mozambique and Zimbabwe are only permitted on condition that the rentals return to South Africa and authorisation is obtained from the Operations Executive. Renters wishing to enter Botswana, Namibia, Eswatini, Lesotho must be in possession of a letter of authority obtainable from an Avis location at time of rental. If this is not obtained, the customer will be refused entry. An additional ZAR2250.00 (incl tax) will be charged for cross border rentals (excluding Eswatini and Lesotho). Cross border fee for Eswatini and Lesotho: ZAR800.00 (incl tax). Cross border to Namibia is permitted at an additional cost of NAD 227.00 road tax fee (to be paid at the Namibian border), if driving a non-Namibian vehicle. A road tax fee of ZAR50.00 will be charged at Eswatini's border (to be paid to Eswatini authorities) for all cars with a foreign licence plate. [

Delivery and Collection

Mon - Fri 08h00 - 17h00: automatic confirmation.

Within 25 km from the Avis rental office ZAR600.00 (Incl tax).

After hours, weekends and public holidays: on request

Within 25km from Avis rental office out of office hours: ZAR1100.00 (incl tax).

DEL/COL further than 25km: ZAR25.00 per km (incl tax)

One Way Rentals

Within Country
General one ways are subject to a one way fee of ZAR2100.00 (incl tax).
Note: For all other one way fee exceptions, please refer to the reservation quote.

Outside Country
One way rentals are allowed outside South Africa to the following countries:
Eswatini - ZAR2000.00
Lesotho - ZAR2000.00
Namibia - ZAR6600.00 in addition customers will have to pay a cross border charge of NAD 277.00 at the Namibian border if driving a non-Namibian vehicle.
Botswana - ZAR6600.00
Mozambique and Zimbabwe: not permitted
Above fees include VAT.
Renters wishing to enter Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho or Namibia must be in possession of a letter of authority obtainable from an Avis agent at the time of rental.

Waiver and Protection Options

Purchase of standard CDW covers 90% of the renter's liability amount.
A higher liability applies for weekend rentals.
CDW excludes undercarriage damage resulting from water.
Purchase of super collision damage waiver reduces the renter's liability amount.
Super CDW is sold in addition to standard CDW, cover not applicable on cash rentals.

No cover for loss or damage through civil unrest. Any breach of terms and conditions stated on the rental agreement renders cover null and void.

Declining Collision Damage Waiver
The renter has the option to decline either CDW and SCDW, however, the renter is liable for the full amount of damages incurred.

Purchase of standard TP covers 90% of the renter's liability amount.
A higher liability applies on weekend rentals.

Purchase of Super TP reduces the renter's liability amount. Super TP is sold in addition to standard TP. Personal property is not covered.

Declining Theft Protection
In the event that the renter declines TP, the renter will be responsible for the full responsibility amount should the vehicle be stolen. Personal property is not covered.

NOTE: In the case of CDW and TP for rentals originating in South Africa, and driven into Namibia or Botswana the conditions for CDW and TP of these countries will apply.

WTTDW (Windscreen Tyre and Third Party Damage Waiver)
This product is available at the point of rental check-out. This cover includes all the glass and tyres including hubcaps, metal rims and alloy mags on the vehicle. Car groups A,B,C,D,E,P ZAR 90.00 per day (incl tax), Car groups F - O ZAR 100.00 per day (incl tax). Loss of tyres, rims or hubcaps are not covered under WTTDW but will fall under Theft Loss Waiver. No liability charges apply when WTTDW is taken. In addition, in the event of Third Party Damage, the customer's liability will be zero. However, if this is declined the maximum liability amount for tyres and glass will be ZAR 15000.00 and for Third Party Damage is ZAR 15000.00.

Special Equipment


Baby seats: ZAR550.00 per seat, per rental (incl tax)

Dual baby seats: ZAR 700.00 per seat, per rental (incl tax)
Valet charges are included in the rental fee per child seat.
In the event of total loss/stolen/damage to the child seat, a liability of ZAR2500.00 for baby seats and ZAR 5800.00 for dual baby seats will apply.

Paraplegic Hand Controls
On request with 72 hours advance reservation. Available on a Group E and H.
No charge.

GPS Navigation
ZAR140.00 per day(incl tax). Maximum charge of 10 days.
Accessories stolen, lost or damaged will be billed at actual cost.
In the event of total loss/stolen/damage to the GPS unit, a liability of ZAR3000.00 will apply.

Bike Rack
ZAR 150.00 per day (incl tax)
In the event of total loss/stolen/damage to the bike rack, a liability of ZAR 3500.00 will apply. Accessories stolen, lost or damaged will be billed at a charge of ZAR500.00 per part (incl tax).

ZAR135.00 per day
In the event of total loss/damage to the Wi-Fi unit, a liability of ZAR1400.00 will apply.
Please Note: If you are completing a one-way rental to another Province with a counter product, a One-Way Fee of R500.00 (incl tax) will apply.

Roadside Assistance
This is available and sold at the rental counter at a charge of ZAR50.00 per day (incl tax). This includes assistance to customers for change of tyres, keys locked in the vehicle, flat battery, no fuel and vehicle changeover due to non-mechanical failure. Charges for repairs or replacements will apply.

Above fees include VAT

Fuel charges

A ZAR50.00 Refuelling Service Fee will apply to rentals that require refuelling by Avis off site and ZAR45.00 if the vehicle is refuelled on site.


In the event that a customer receives a traffic fine, an administration fee of ZAR405.00 (incl tax) will be charged over and above the traffic fine.

Accident Administration Fee

In the event of an accident, the following charges are applicable as an administration handling fee charged over and above the liability: Repairs up to ZAR 300.00: ZAR150.00 (incl tax). Repairs exceeding ZAR 300.00: ZAR500.00 (incl tax).

Location Surcharge and Tourism Levy

•14% location surcharge applicable at all major airports, Sandton Gautrain and Kathu.
• 9% location surcharge at outlying areas.
•4% location surcharge at selected locations.
•1% Tourism Levy (SUR) applicable on all rentals at all locations.
All charges are taxable.

Overdue Rental Administration Fee

An Overdue Rental Administration Fee of ZAR1200.00 (incl tax) will be charged should the rental vehicle not be returned by the agreed date and no prior arrangements have been made to extend the rental.

International Visitors

International visitors are required to produce their passports when collecting their vehicle.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)

PAI is available at a cost of ZAR55.00 (incl tax) per day.

Additional Authorisation holds

Additional authorisation will apply on credit card rentals of between R1150 and R31 750 depending on the car group and waiver selection.
Additional authorisation will not apply to PC cardholders, WEB / GEB rentals and International customers on Premium Waiver rates.

Gauteng E-Toll charges

E-toll charges are automatically charged to vehicles driven through gantries on highways in the Gauteng Province. To cover the ongoing costs incurred to manage the e-tag compliance process, customers that incur e-toll charges (irrespective of the amount) will be charged a new flat E-toll Administration Fee of ZAR 40.00 per rental (Incl VAT), in additional to the relevant toll tariffs incurred. ZAR 875.00 will be charged for lost E-Tags. The details of each e-toll transaction will be available on the Avis website at www.avis.co.za/e-tolls.

Miscellaneous Information

● Rental Contract Fee (VRF) of ZAR 124.00 (incl tax) is applicable on all rentals.
● Key tag replacement: A fee of ZAR 95.00 (incl tax) for the replacement of key tags will be charged should they be lost and/or damaged.
● Valet: A charge of ZAR 650.00 (incl tax) is applicable per vehicle for excessively dirty vehicles returned.
● A call-out fee of ZAR 875.00 per incident for non-mechanical breakdowns will be charged. Roadside assistance waivers the cost of the call-out fee.

Avis Luxury Cars (Prestige)

Please note that the additional charges and terms and conditions for Avis Luxury Cars (Prestige) are different from our Rent a Car vehicles as per the below:

Additional Charges:

Additional Driver Fee - ZAR 510.00 per driver per rental
Young Driver Fee (21-25 years old) - ZAR 405.00 per rental day
Baby Seats - ZAR 550.00 per seat per rental
Accident Administration Fee - ZAR 1,210.00 per incident
Traffic Fine Administration Fee - ZAR 405.00 per fine
E-Tag Fee - ZAR 670.00 in the event that the e-tag is lost or stolen

Important Information
Credit card payment: Authorization for the estimated rental amount, the applicable excess and refuelling will be obtained from the bank at least 24 hours prior to the check out date. The actual debit to the credit card will be done after the termination of the rental. The credit card information must be supplied on the customer information form in order to reserve the vehicle. Requirements at time of checkout:
- The Credit Card holder and credit card must be present at time of collection of the vehicle. An additional authorisation will be obtained to verify validity of the Credit Card.
- or the Voucher and the person who's name the voucher was issued in
- With his/ her valid passport or valid national identification
- And a valid unendorsed driver’s license to enable Avis to comply with traffic legislation laws effective 1 November 2001.
Please note that the rates are current at time of quotation and are subject to change without prior notice.
Renters and additional drivers must be a minimum of 25 years old.
Please note that kilometres are charged from Avis Luxury Cars Depot and back to Avis Luxury Cars depot.
Please note that windscreen breakage is not covered and the renter will be liable for the replacement.
The minimum rate charged is 24 hours. Rates are calculated from time of pick-up to time of drop-off.
A copy of the full terms and conditions are available on request.
A GPS is available on request at no additional cost, subject to availability. In the event of GPS being damaged or lost the full excess of R5000.00 will be charged to the customer.
Cancellation fee applies due to a specific vehicle (and not group) being blocked at time of confirmation:
- Cancellation or amendments less than 3 days before the check-out date will attract a cancellation fee of up to 100% of the charge of the confirmed booking, depending on the rate.
- If your reservation is being confirmed within the cancellation period, the full charges will be applied if cancelled.
- Once a rental is in progress, the full number of days booked will be charged if the vehicle is returned earlier.
The fleet and rates are subject to change without prior notice. Rates on confirmed bookings will be honoured.